Guided Selling Live! 2016

Tackling Need-based Personalization

How can you create winning experiences
that turn visitors into customers ?

The major shift in people’s convenience-driven online and mobile shopping behavior keeps businesses on their toes,
trying to find ways to deliver personalized, hassle-free and streamlined shopping experiences.

Putting shoppers’ needs first and embracing change and innovation has to be your mantra, if you want to secure your place in the future.

Join Guided Selling Live! 2016 to discover the latest Guided Selling trends you need to know to boost profitability and advance your business.


“If you have anything to do with selling products to people, this is your must-attend event” – Markus Linder, CEO SMARTASSISTANT

2nd Annual Guided Selling Live! Conference
Listen. Educate. Advise. Sell.

Discover the latest Guided Selling strategies and tactics that let you connect shoppers with the right products and create better shopping experiences.

Through several interactive sessions in a relaxed atmosphere, leading experts, key-decision makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators offer their take on effective customer engagement and talk about how you can integrate Guided Selling to create new opportunities for growth.

A single-track day full of best practices, inspiration and learning

  • Get first-hand insights from experts in your industry
  • Receive loads of practical advice
  • Expand your knowledge and thinking on serving your shoppers
  • Learn how to implement an effective Guided Selling strategy
  • Hear expert advice and learn what works, and what doesn’t
  • Meet your industry peers and compare experiences
  • Connect with experts and get answers to your questions

Impressions from Guided Selling Live! 2015 in Vienna, Austria

A unique opportunity to listen to amazing speakers, network and mingle (Review #GSL15)


Esti Barker

We have learned so much at GSL and the opportunities are absolutely fascinating. Guided Selling is just very much aligned with our entire mission statement to guide shoppers towards products instead of pushing products to them. 

Esti Barker, Creative Marketing Director, PishPoshBaby (US-based baby gear store)


We believe that Guided Selling is now at the tipping point of e-commerce …, the next step in the e-commerce. We don’t want to satisfy our customer, we want to inspire them.

Stephan Waldeis, Head of E-Business, AL-KO Kober SE (Leading manufacturer of automotive, garden and air technology products)


It is wonderful to see how many retailers are here, all are trying to figure out how to make choosing a better experience for their customers in different ways. 

Dr. Sheena Iyengar, Professor at Columbia Business School and author of award-winning book “The Art of Choosing”