Justify My Trip


If it is your aim to put the customer’s needs back into the focus and want to create hassle-free and personalized experiences, you should attend Guided Selling Live! 2016.

The conference will deliver interactive sessions in a relaxed atmosphere, during which leading experts, key-decision makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators offer their take on effective customer engagement and talk about how businesses can integrate Guided Selling solutions and Guided Service applications to create new opportunities for growth.

We’ve put together a set of materials to help you convince your boss to send you to GSL16.


6 Reasons to Attend

networking Discover

Discover innovative ways to deliver need-based customer experiences that help you reach new target groups and boost revenue.

light-bulb Understand

Understand which Guided Selling solutions are right for your specific challenge to make smarter use of your budget and resources.

symbol Connect

Connect with industry experts for advice and guidance on new Guided Selling trends and best practices to solve specific challenges your company may be facing.

business Plug-In

Plug into a network of knowledgeable professionals who share ideas and tips on how to accomplish more with Guided Selling. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls to impact sales, AOV and conversion positively.

happy Stay ahead

Anticipate emerging Guided Selling technology trends in different industries to understand where the industry is headed.

happiness Have a good time!

Set in the heart of Manhattan, Guided Selling Live! combines the opportunity to gain valuable insight and knowledge with a relaxed atmosphere, so you can be sure to take away great, long-lasting memories.


We have learned so much at GSL and the opportunities are absolutely fascinating. Guided Selling is just very much aligned with our entire mission statement to guide shoppers towards products instead of pushing products to them.
Esti Barker, Creative Marketing Director, PishPoshBaby (US-based baby gear store)