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Thomas Danaher

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Differentiating through Expert Advice

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Thomas Danaher started his first direct-to-consumer sheets and linens business while in college. After operating a small mail-order business from his dorm room, he switched to the direct-to-retail wholesale model, supplying flannel sheets to bigger mail-order companies such as  L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, Orvis and others. Eventually he grew the wholesale business to be the largest flannel sheet supplier in the United States, supplying Walmart, Sears, Target, JCPenney, Costco, etc.  

Danaher recently returned to selling direct-to-consumers.  Instead of selling by misleading thread-counts and fluffy claims such as ‘hotel’ or ‘Egyptian’ sheets, sells sheets by how they feel to the touch.  By intgrating an interactive Sheet Advisor, helps consumers choose by warmth or coolness; crispness or silkiness; smoothness; weight and other attributes.

Danaher’s “Help Me Choose” approach is an advantage over other sheet retailers and is dominantly featured on’s homepage.

At Guided Selling Live!, Danaher will share how leverages Guided Selling to make their extensive product knowledge available to online shoppers. By stepping up as helpful resource and sharing expert advice, creates three valuable differentiators, namely expertise, authority and trust, which help the company stand out clearly and remain successful in a competitive market.